Tuesday, October 20, 2009

songs of the indeterminate time period.

Hey look! It's another instalment of my song(s) of the week month "whenever I feel like it" segment!
Here are a few songs; ones that are new, newish, or new-to-me for your listening pleasure. I'll also try to include at least some diversity in the selected songs.

All of these albums I have on my "to be reviewed" pile, but they are all on the bottom, and the pile is growing quite sizable... (so expect a deluge of album reviews in the next week or so...) and I wanted to share these songs with you now!

There is no way you can not fall in love with this song. It starts out well enough, sweet and playful, but by the time the song kicks into gear and especially when the gang chorus comes in, that's it. It's over. It's just so full of joy and energy. It also helps that the album was recorded live off the floor, so you can just picture all these people, folks from bands like Hey Ocean, The Zolas, Dan Mangan, Shane Nelkin and even R3 DJ Lana Gay, crowded in the room having a blast. I also love the wordplay, in the lyric booklet at least. Those two lines (you'll know which two I mean upon hearing the song) are not quite what they seem to be.

Download Goodnight Moon by Said The Whale
artists website where you may listen to more and exchange monies for music

Another charming song, I Can Be A Frog is another one that is hard to hate. Its cute, simplistic structure is endearing and features Karen O (of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs) providing "animal sounds" -- as listed in the lyrics book -- on the track. Without those, it wouldn't be half as great as it is. It is a song that few other bands would be able to pull off, and if it were any longer, I could see it losing its charm, but The Flaming Lips, being as awesome as they are, pull it off beautifully.
It also has a pretty fun video.

Download I Can be A Frog by The Flaming Lips
artists website where you may listen to more and exchange monies for music

I finally got around to listening to the We Are The City album, In A Quiet World. I liked it, but it wasn't until the second half of the album that I was really hooked, and this was, without a doubt, the standout track upon first listen. It starts off calm and emotional, and then just launches to an epic climax and a magnificent finale.
They're pretty much the only band in the Peak Performance Project that I would be okay with winning over my pick, Bend Sinister.

Download Astronomers by We Are The City
artists website where you may listen to more and exchange monies for music

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