Saturday, October 24, 2009

mashup/remix of the day

When the fine folks at Said The Whale pointed me in the direction of the new remix for their song Gentlemen, I was intrigued. The remix/mashup features some Lovely Allen from Holy Fuck, a bit of Time To Pretend from MGMT, a touch of of Baba O'Reilly from The Who, and extra vocals from Shad.

You wouldn't think an assortment of songs/artists like this would mix well together, but the songs blend damn near perfectly, with each individual song complimenting the next. It would have been awesome if this were a secret/hidden/bonus track on the new album, Island Disappear, but I'm glad they are getting it out there regardless.

Download Gentlemen Remix (ft. Shad w/ Holy Fuck, MGMT & The Who)

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