Wednesday, August 17, 2011

hey you, listen to these!

Yup, it's another "songs of the indeterminate time period", with a trio of new and nifty songs you should check out.

  We Are The City - Morning Song by killbeat music
Oh man! I have seen this song live so many times, and I am glad it finally exists in physical (or digital) form. From We Are The City's upcoming 7", it's "Morning Song". It'll be paired with "Mourning Song" (see what they did there?) and the 7" will be released in September on Adventure Boys Club.

  Go To Me - Jordan Klassen by JordanKlassen
While I have heard the name Jordan Klassen fairly frequently, I have to admit I hadn't heard much (or any) of his music. Until the other day with the release of his new single "Go To Me". It starts soft and builds to a grand, and pretty damn catchy climax. It's from Repentance, due out in November.

Since I first caught his disease six years ago, I've had a soft spot for Aussie pop-rocker Ben Lee. His newest album, Deeper Into Dream (his eighth solo album!) was produced at his home studio and the first single, "Get Used To It" is pretty much as poppy as you would expect it to be, but like a lot of Lee's music, the lyrics might not quite as upbeat as the music.

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