Friday, April 22, 2011

songs of the indeterminate time period.

I have spontaneously decided I am going to post more previews of things I am digging. We'll see it I stick with it, or if the next one comes in another nine months. So here is the... let's call it "long awaited"... next instalment of my songs of the week month "whenever I feel like it" segment

Going to be honest, I hadn't heard much of Sidney York before I stumbled upon "Dick & Jane". The song is insanely catchy -- I bet you'll find yourself whistling along at random points during your day -- and the video, which features cameos by members of Beekeeper and Mother Mother, is really cool and fun (and unless I'm mistaken, all done in one take!). It's off her [awesomely titled] album Apocalyptic Radio Cynic which is due out May 24th.

The first time I saw 41st & Home, I admit, my reaction was a little... "meh". But in the year since then, I've seen them more and more, and they have definitely grown as a band in that time -- I can only assume their inclusion in the Peak Performance Project helped.
Just today they released a video done by the fine folks at Amazing Factory of a new song "Gorbachev" from their upcoming, untitled, un-release-dated EP, which I am definitely looking forward to.

One of my favourite albums of 2009 was from The Ghost Is Dancing, a band and album that I thought was criminally under-looked. Well, they ceased to be, and Jim DeLuca -- one of the singer/songwriters -- has formed The Natural Shocks. The first single off their upcoming album Complete With Comfortable Lighting (available June 9th) is "Heavier Than Heavy", and it is an infectious power-pop song that will be stuck in your head for days.

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