Tuesday, September 1, 2009

songs of the indeterminate time period.

Hey look! It's another instalment of my song(s) of the week month "whenever I feel like it" segment!
Here are a few songs; ones that are new, newish, or new-to-me for your listening pleasure. I'll also try to include at least some diversity in the selected songs.

Today there is a bit of a theme, with guest artists on songs in genres you would perhaps not expect them to be in.

Metric's Emily Haines and The Dears' Murray Lightburn join forces with k-os for this track. It is not a surprising collaboration, considering all have worked, in some capacity, with Broken Social Scene, have toured together and are buddies. All three of their voices mix amazingly well together, and the song itself is pretty damn good. It is off k-os' new album YES! and is quite possibly one of my favourite tracks of the year. Maybe only just a little because it features two of my favourite musicians, and now makes me really want a collaboration between Haines & Lightburn together.

Download Uptown GirL by k-os
artists website where you may listen to more and exchange monies for music

This Nova Scotian collaboration features rapper Classified with quintessential maritime musician, Joel Plaskett. Both artists have been around for over a dozen years and albums and are both pretty influential in their respective genres and scenes. It's a pairing that may sound like it wouldn't work, given their respective sounds, but it comes together excellently, and even features some of Plaskett's playfulness. It is off of Classified's thirteenth album, Self Explanatory.

Download One Track Mind by Classified

artists website where you may listen to more and exchange monies for music

When internationally renowned electronica DJ Misstress Barbara -- the misspelling being intentional, a portmanteau of "miss" and "stress" -- put out her first album, I'm No Human, she enlisted in the help of fellow Montrealer Sam Roberts for vocals on the track I'm Running. It's another pairing that works much better than you would expect, with their voices melding together perfectly. The overall catchiness of the song doesn't hurt, either.
It also has a pretty cool video.

Download I'm Running by Misstress Barbara
artists website where you may listen to more and exchange monies for music


  1. I quite like Misstress Barbara, I don't think you ever mentioned her? Lava shoulder songstresses should never be neglected!

  2. Thanks for the Classified feat. Joel Plaskett track! That was unexpected and thoroughly enjoyable!

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LatZsUFDpvY

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeX1wU3nW4U


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